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The women in our church have all types of ministries that you can become involved in.  From prayer groups to fellowship and community involvement our goal is to grow in our Christian experience.  Anyone is welcome so come and bring a friend to our next activity!

Romans 12:6 - We have different gifts, according to the grace given to us...

Touch a Heart, Reach My World.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, October 23, 5:00pm - Harvest Blessing, A Women's Night Out

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All women are warmly invited and encouraged to bring visitors. Some of you are familiar with the Christmas program the Green Bay women and also the Living Faith women have done called "Evening of Lights". We have decided to try something similar, but felt December is already a very busy month, so we are doing "Harvest Blessing ~ A Women's Night Out" complete with Harvest decoration theme, decorated tables, and a light buffet luncheon meal of a variety of harvest soups, crackers, breads, cornbread, etc. and harvest desserts.

The evening will end with a brief musical program about 15-20 minutes. There is no charge.
Renee has prepared and printed invitations available for anyone to pass out to those that may be interested. A 'Hostess' is needed for each table of eight including the hostess. Two women may co-hostess. If we don't have enough volunteers, some hostesses will have two tables. The tables need to be decorated and set with your choice of table wares, which can range from china to chinet! Little extras, like candy or nuts, make a nice personal touch. The goal is to make it warm, inviting and fun. The hostess supplies a small token gift for each guest to take home.

If you are interested in helping with the food, contact Loretta Kippenhan. If you are willing to be a hostess, contact Tina Melnarik. If you would like some decorating help, Gini Dyer or others are willing to help. As we work together, this will be fun and rewarding. Your interest and prayers are greatly appreciated. If you would not be comfortable in helping, please ~ just come, enjoy yourself and the blessings!

Sabbath, October 8 - Women's Prayer Mug Ministry

In lieu of a Secret Sister program, the Women’s Ministries is encouraging a simple, yet potentially profound, way of nurturing the women both within our church family and those who are close at heart.  We propose that all interested women participate in a mug ministry that pairs a woman willing to hold another woman up in prayer.  There should be little to no expense, but a willing investment of time to pray for the lady whose name is written inside each day- with the idea that the mug is a reminder to say a prayer. 

We each one can be encouraged by knowing that we are being lifted up in prayer- and other churches who have implemented this idea have found a blessing by having each other held up specifically by someone.  You do not need to share requests, unless you have some specific ones you would like to have kept confidentially in prayer.  The one who receives your mug should take a simple moment to let you know that they have received your mug and will be praying for you.  Then they will keep you in prayer- the mug is a visual reminder to say a prayer for you.  It is between the two of you as to how much interactions you choose to have about prayer needs and answers.

Mugs do not need to be fancy, you can even use a mug that you already have, but don’t use much.  In light of our on-the-go-go lifestyles, you might even find that you would like to share a travel mug.  Those who don’t have use for another mug in the kitchen might find that they are better reminded to pray by making use of the mug as a planter or pencil cup- whatever way works best for you. 

Mugs should be brought to church by October 8th.  They can be brought anytime before then.  You will simply write your name on a piece of paper, and if you have a favored way of being contacted to learn who will be praying for you, please include that.  Then mugs, with the information, will be placed in brown paper bags and left on the table in the library.  After church on October 8th, each lady who brought a mug will be asked to pick up a bag and take it home and begin praying.  We will actively encourage you to pray for your person at least into March.  But don’t be surprised if you find yourself praying for your prayer mug lady even longer than that.  The Lord has a way of helping us remember to continue lifting each other up.

  1. Ladies bring a mug with your name and best way to contact you written on a slip of paper tucked into the mug no later than October 8.
  2. Place your mug in a brown paper bag provided in the Lena SDA Church library and fold the bag closed- leaving it on the library table.
  3. After church on October 8, pick up a bag, check to be sure you didn’t get your own mug.
  4. Notify the lady whose name is on the mug that you will be praying for her and that if there are ever any special requests that she would like for you to remember in prayer to let you know.
  5. Use the mug in the best way that will remind each time you see and use the mug to remember her to the Lord in a prayer.

Contact Rosanna Zeismer or Tina Melnarik with any questions